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Transforming Spaces, Inspiring Lives: The Puran Interiors Difference

Bringing Spaces to Life, One Design at a Time: Puran Interiors' Legacy

At Puran Interiors, we believe that every space has its own story waiting to be told. With a legacy rooted in creativity and craftsmanship, we have dedicated ourselves to transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences, one design at a time.

Our approach is guided by a deep understanding of our clients’ aspirations, preferences, and lifestyles. We listen closely to their needs, envisioning spaces that not only meet practical requirements but also evoke emotions and inspire connections.

Client Overview:

Puran Interiors is a renowned interior design firm specializing in creating exquisite living spaces that reflect individual tastes and lifestyles. With a reputation for innovation and excellence, they sought to enhance their online presence to better showcase their portfolio and attract new clients.

Client Objective:

Puran Interiors approached Nakshatra Namaha Creations with the objective of revamping their website to align with their brand identity, showcase their portfolio effectively, and improve user engagement.


Outdated Design:

The existing website had an outdated design, making it less appealing to users.

Poor Portfolio Presentation:

The portfolio section was cluttered and difficult to navigate, making it challenging for visitors to explore the firm’s previous projects.

Limited User Engagement:

The website lacked interactive elements and failed to captivate visitors, resulting in a high bounce rate.

Mobile Responsiveness Issues:

The website was not optimized for mobile devices, leading to a subpar user experience for mobile users.

Solution Provided by Nakshatra Namaha Creations



The collaboration between Puran Interiors and Nakshatra Namaha Creations resulted in a successful website enhancement project that addressed the client’s objectives and overcame various challenges. The revamped website now serves as a powerful tool for showcasing Puran Interiors’ portfolio, attracting new clients, and reinforcing their position as a premier interior design firm. It stands as a testament to the effectiveness of creative solutions and strategic design in achieving digital transformation goals.

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